Fourth Year Noticeboard

General Information

The fourth year adviser of studies is Prof Crawford Revie.


The 4th year first day meeting will take place on Monday 13th September 2021. This will take place on Zoom and details will be sent to all students by email. If you do NOT receive those details by the 6th September please email Prof Revie ( requesting them. (We have been advised not to release that type of information on a public / open web page such as this.)

First Day Meeting – Slides

The slides from the meeting on the 13th Sept are now available and those who were not able to attend can find a video recording of the Zoom session.

Fourth Year Class Reps

A couple of representatives from your class should be selected – by you – during the first few weeks. An on-line system is being developed by the ‘StrathReps’ group; details of this will be circulated as soon as the system is available.

Once your student representatives have been nominated their names and contact details will be provided here.

Taught Classes Available for 2021/2022

All students should sign up for FOUR of the classes below. We ideally suggest a 2:2 split in classes over the two semesters. For BSc Hons CS and BSc Hons MEng CS407 is a compulsory class. For BSc Hons SE, in addition to the CS407 class, CS409 is compulsory.

Semester 1
CS407 Computer Security
CS409 Software Architecture and Design
CS410 Advanced Functional Programming
MS418 Project Management

Semester 2
CS411 Theory of Computation
CS412 Information Access and Mining
CS414 Digital Forensics