Fourth Year Noticeboard

General Information

The fourth year adviser of studies is Dr Sotirios Terzis.


(23/08/2017) The fourth year first day meeting will take place on Friday 15 September at 14:45 in the level 11 study zone.

(23/08/2017) The Scottish Institute for Enterprise will present the workshop Finding Inspiration for your project – and at the same time be recognised as one of Scotland’s Innovative Students on Thursday 14 September at LT14.15 11:00-13:00. Attendance of this workshop is strongly recommended if you are thinking of suggesting your own fourth year project.

(14/08/2017) A number of activities, like first day meeting (covering also CS408 Individual Project), placement presentations, etc, are being planned for the end of week 0 in the first semester this year, i.e. week starting on Monday 11th of September, so you need to ensure that you are available for then.

First Day Meeting

Here are the slides of the First Day Meeting talk, and the slides of the careers talk.

Fourth Year Class Reps

CS/SE Class Reps: Connor Nicol and Thomas Mclaughlin

Coursework Deadlines

Semester 1
Week 3 Friday CS410 Exercise 1
Week 5 Monday CS408 Project Scope and Outline Plan
Wednesday CS407 Assessment 1
Friday CS409 Assessment 1
Week 6 Wednesday CS411 Assignment 1
Friday CS410 Exercise 2
Week 8 Friday CS414 Assignment
Week 9 Monday MS418 Coursework?
Wednesday CS411 Assignment 2
Friday CS407 Assessment 2
Week 10 Tuesday CS410 Exercise 3
Friday CS412 Class Test
Week 11 Monday CS409 Assessment 2
Formal Assessment
MS418 Exam
Semester 2
Week 0 Monday CS414 Class Test
Wednesday CS410 Exercise 4
Friday CS408 Poster Day – Project Specification/plan and poster
Formal Assessment
CS410 Exercise 5

Taught Classes Available for 2017/2018

CS407 Computer Security
CS409 Software Architecture and Design
CS410 Advanced Functional Programming
CS411 Theory of Computation
CS412 Information Access and Mining
CS414 Digital Forensics
MS418 Project Management