Fifth Year Noticeboard



The fifth year advisor of studies is Dr Marc Roper
Office: LT14.13

First Day Meeting


  • CS951 tutorial and lecture are both cancelled in week 1. First CS951 classes will be Fri Sep 30th
  • CS548 lecture on Tuesday 20th September is be cancelled. First CS548 class will be Tuesday 27th September
  • Information on becoming a Science Ambassador

Fifth Year Class Reps

Please let me know if you are interested taking on this role. USSA have developed this little video to try and encourage more students into becoming student representatives so please check it out.

Taught Classes Available for 2016/2017

The list of available classes and links to syllabuses can be found at this list of undergraduate classes. Unfortunately the class CS965 Computer Security will not be running this session.

In addition to the compulsory class CS545 Group Project the regulations require you to select 80 credits from the list of classes available to make a total of 120 credits (this does not include the placement, so if you were out on placement this summer your curriculum should include one of the placement classes and your total will be 140 credits). Note that there is a wider range of options available as you are able to select from classes on the Advanced Computer Science MSc.


These may be subject to slight changes, particularly at the start of semester, so also please keep checking and watch out for announcements.

Coursework Deadlines

  • CS951 group assignment due Oct 31st 2016 (50%), exam in semester one exam diet.
  • More to follow…

Job Opportunities

Please check the Careers Service website – and please make sure you are registered with them.
Also take a look at the slides that Anna Selwood from the Careers Service used in her talk to the 4th years.

Other General Information

If you have any other questions or would like to see any additional information on this page then please contact me.