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Maintained by the 2nd Year CIS Adviser of Studies Dr. Dmitri Roussinov

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Announcements Sent By Email

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Provisional Curriculum for your Next Year

Subject: Provisional Curriculum for your Next Year
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2021 21:55:28 +0100

You have been invited by Student Business to enter a provisional curriculum for next year via Pegasus. Please note that the April 16 deadline mentioned by Student Business is only advisory and it is not essential that you make a final choice at present. You can change elective choice for next session up to the end of week 2 of semester 1 of next session. Our curricular for ALL all our second year undergraduate courses will be the same:

CS 207 Advanced Programming 20 credits
CS 208 Logic and Algorithms 20 credits
CS 209 User and Data Modelling 20 credits
CS 210 Computer Systems and Architecture 20 credits
CS 211 Professional Issues in Computing 10 credits
CS 259 Quantitative Methods for Computer Science 10 credits
CS 260 Functional Thinking 10 credits
Elective 10 credits, that you need to choose

Some suggestions on the electives can be found at our notice board

Class CS217 Agile Software Development, led by J.P. Morgan, will go ahead in session 2021-22 in semester 2 Wednesdays 2-5pm. It will be available as a possible elective for CS Hons and SE Hons students who have scored well in year 1 overall and at least 60% in class CS105. In order to request to take class CS217 please email Kostas Liaskos from your university account, letting him know that you wish to be considered for CS217, before 5pm 23rd September. Decisions on who can take cs217 will be made in September. If you need your curriculum approved before that, you can temporarily sign for some other elective. Once you are approved, it will be automatically replaced by cs217.