Second Year Noticeboard

2nd Year CIS Adviser of Studies

Dmitri Roussinov


( Dmitri has taken over from Isla Ross.)

First Day Meeting for 2nd Year CS/CSM/SE students

The Slides

Direct Entrants to year 2

The Slides from the Meeting

Approved Curriculum for those progressing to 2nd year CS/SE/CSMEng in 2019-20

In order to register for session 2019-20, one of the requirements is to have an approved curriculum, although the choice of optional / elective classes may later be altered up to early in the new session through choice or due to availability/ timetabling constraints.

In 2019-20 2nd year MEng CS students should pick 20 credits of optional classes from MS211, CS212 and CS215 and a 10 credit elective class in order to have a provisional curriculum approved.  2nd year BSc(Hons) CS and SE students require to pick a 10 credit elective in order to have an approved curriculum for 2019-20.

Please read  Electives2019-2020 for choices and add an elective following that guidance on to your curriculum on Pegasus. Elective choice may be changed up until the end of the first two weeks of the semester in which the elective runs. (CS217 will also become an elective choice for some- see below – but should NOT be selected on Pegasus Provisional curriculum if you wish to gain an approved curriculum in order to register with the university before the First Day Meeting in week 1.)

Class CS217  2019-20

Class CS217 Agile Software Development, led by J.P. Morgan, will go ahead in session 2019-20 in semester 2 Wednesdays 2-5pm. It will be available as a possible elective for CS2 MEng, CS2 (Hons) and SE2 (Hons) students who have scored well in year 1 overall and at least 60% in class CS105. Students taking the class should be aware that participation in the group work is really important. There is a cap on the class size but it is possible that all who are eligible may be given a place – this depends on numbers who request to take the class.  In order to request to take class CS217 please email Kostas at  from your university account, letting him know that you wish to be considered for CS217. Please do so before 5pm on Monday 23rd September. Following that Kostas will decide who can get a place in the class and will inform Dmitri as 2nd year Adviser. Dmitri can then change your elective to this on Pegasus and approve it on your curriculum.  (If you are aiming to take CS217 in addition to another elective, hence overloading your curriculum, then you should let Dmitri know this, preferably on 23rd/24th September.) In the meantime, don’t include class CS217 on your provisional curriculum for approval as it would not be approved until Dmitri has received the CS217 list from Kostas.  (Note: direct entrants to year 2 will not have taken class CS105 – some places on CS217 will be set aside and direct entrants will be informed separately as to how they may apply at the end of semester 1.)


Provisional Timetables for CIS 2nd years. Also links for timetables for other classes (which may have been selected as electives). Timetables are subject to change up until the start of the relevant semester so students are advised to check lecture rooms at the start of week 1. Allocation to CIS lab and tutorial slots will not take place until during week 2 – information on the process will be given at the First Day Meeting for 2nd year CIS students. Semester 2 lab/tutorial allocation will take place during the first 2 weeks of semester 2.

Credit Shortfall

If you have a credit shortfall (fewer than 120 credits) on entering 2nd year then your curriculum will require to include an approved means to make up that shortfall. Please contact the 2nd year Adviser of Studies if you are in this position and unsure what is required of you.

Class Teaching Materials

All CIS classes will have an entry on MyPlace.

Syllabuses, regulations, etc

The above are available from the department’s Undergraduate Teaching page.

Disability Coordinator

The CIS department’s disability coordinator is Julie Sobocinski (

Student Guide on Good Academic Practice and the Avoidance of Plagiarism

available here

Studying Abroad

Martin Goodfellow ( is the CIS department’s Erasmus contact. Anyone interested in studying abroad during 3rd year should refer first to the relevant website for more info.