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Announcements Sent Earlier By Email

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Subject: Re: Your are expected to attend our Undergraduate Induction on Friday, September 15th — CHANGING TO ZOOM!
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2023 11:44:08 +0100
From: Dmitri Roussinov <>
To: <>, <>, <>

To all students enrolled in CIS Undergraduate Courses that start (or enter) their 2nd year of studies in 2023/2024 academic year:

Please note that due to the ongoing labour dispute (strike) at the University, some buildings will be closed this and next week. As a result, we will have our Induction meeting in Zoom, which you can access by opening the following link:

Also, you can use the following information:
Meeting ID: 871 7934 3936
Password: 593180

You MAY be asked to authenticate yourself using your University login and password.
If you don’t have Zoon on your computer, then you can download the Zoom client or app. Details are here:
As far as I know, Livingstone Tower will be closed, but some University labs may be still open so you can use them for Zoom as well. However, their availability may be changing the last moment.
Once our session starts, I will have very limited ability to reply to your email. But please don’t worry if you can’t participate for some reason. All the announcements and slides will be also posted on our noticeboard:

See you soon online,

Dmitri Roussinov
Second Year Advisor
Senior Lecturer
Strathclyde iSchool Research Group (SiSRG)
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Strathclyde
16 Richmond Street, Glasgow G1 1XQ
TEL : +44 141 548 3706

On 01/09/2023 13:05, Dmitri Roussinov wrote:
> To all students enrolled in CIS Undergraduate Courses that start (or
> enter) their 2nd year of studies in 2023/2024 academic year:
> Greetings on the start of a new academic year!
> We will have our second year undergraduate Induction on Friday,
> September 15th, 11am-12pm in RC512. Royale College Building can be
> tricky to do your best to pay attention to the signs.
> We will discuss a number of important issues including your curriculum,
> electives, course transfers, student representatives, and more. We will
> also have a presentation from Students Careers. Everyone is expected to
> attend but you don’t need to let me know if you can not. The slides with
> the announcements will be posted afterwards at
> Also a reminder: you can not have CS217 approved in your curriculum at
> this point. This is what I posted in back March:
> > Class CS217 Agile Software Development, led by J.P. Morgan, will go
> > ahead in session 2023-24 in semester 2 Wednesdays 2-5pm tentatively. It
> > will be available as a possible elective for CS Hons and SE Hons
> > students who have scored well in year 1 overall and at least 60% in
> > class CS105. In order to request to take class CS217 please email Kostas
> > Liaskos from your university account, letting him
> > know that you wish to be considered for CS217, before 5pm 25th
> > September. Decisions on who can take cs217 will be made in September. If
> > you need your curriculum approved before that, you can temporarily sign
> > for some other elective. Once you are approved, it will be automatically
> > replaced by cs217.
> Hope to you see you all soon!
> — DR