Provisional Timetables for 2023/24

Up to date timetables for all degree programmes can be found via the University Timetables System

If you are unable to access this system, copies of the timetables for each degree programme can be found below. However, although these copies are updated daily, they may not be up to date.

COURSE Semester
MSc/PgDip Information & Library Studies 1 2
MSc/PgDip Information Management 1 2
MSc/PgDip Advanced Computer Science 1 2
MSc/PgDip Advanced Computer Science with Data Science 1 2
MSc/PgDip Advanced Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence 1 2
MSc/PgDip Mobile Computing 1 2
MSc/PgDip Advanced Software Engineering 1 2
MSc/PgDip Enterprise Information System 1 2
MSc/PgDip Digital Health Systems 1 2
MSc/PgDip Software Development
1 2
MSc/PgDip Artificial Intelligence and Applications
1 2

Please Note:

  • Rooms allocated to classes may change before the start of the term.
  • To find out where the lecture/lab/tutorial rooms are, please refer to the Building Codes page.
  • Important dates and other information is available from the Postgraduate Computer and Information Sciences Handbook.
  • The course timetables include all the events used by each class and therefore will show some students as ‘double booked’.