Third Year Noticeboard 2019-20

The third year advisor is Robert Atkey.

First Day Meeting

The first day meeting was at 12:30-13:30 on Wednesday 18th September 2019 in the Study Zone on level 11 of Livingstone Tower.

The slides from the meeting are here:

Choosing Your Optional Classes

Regulations for BSc Hons Business Information Systems, BSc Hons Computer Science  and BSc Hons Software Engineering can be found in section 11.13 of the University Regulations (see General and Course Regulations for Degrees of Bachelors and Integrated Master 2017-18). Regulations for MEng Computer Science can be found in section 12.13.

BSc Hons Business Information Systems students have a fixed curriculum – see section 11.13.5 of the University Regulations for a list of these classes.

BSc Hons Computer Science, BSc Hons Software Engineering and MEng Computer Science students have two compulsory classes, CS308 Building Software Systems and CS313 Computer Systems and Concurrency. In addition, BSc Hons Computer Science and BSc Hons Software Engineering students must pick 80 credits (or four classes) of optional classes from the following list.

MEng Computer Science students may either choose 80 credits from the list above, or choose 60 credits from the list above and 20 credits worth of elective classes (one possibility is M9352 Internet Law which is taught by the Law School). Information (which may not be up to date) about M9352 and other potential elective classes can be found via the class catalogue. Please note that M9352 will require you to write essays in a legal style.

Semester 1 Examinations

Please note that the classes CS311 Programming Language Definition and Implementation and CS312 Web Applications Development will have exams during the formal assessment period before Christmas – i.e. during the period Monday 9th December 2019 until Friday 20th December 2019 inclusive. The actual dates for these exams will only be published around 4-5 weeks before the formal assessment period begins. You should therefore make sure that you don’t travel home before 20th December 2019 in case you miss one of your exams. This is particularly important because you need a credit-weighted average mark of 40% or more for your first attempt at all third year classes in order to be allowed to progress to fourth year.