Optional Courses and Prerequisites

Due to the nature of the joint degree, students following the CES programme have fewer options for optional courses than single honours students.  However, the choices you make each year do have some consequences for which options you may take in later years.  This page explains which courses require optional courses as a prerequisite.

For more information about the classes you can consult the curriculum (BEng, MEng) or the class catalogue.

  • If you want to study AI or theoretical computer science in later years you must take CS208 in second year.
  • There are a bunch of DSP-centric classes in fifth year; if you want to take any of them you should probably take EE469 in fourth year.

2nd Year Choices

In second year you have the choice between CS208 Logic & Algorithms or both of PH260 Physical Electronics and 19207 Electromagnetism.

Note that CS310 and CS311 are the only optional classes offered in Computer Science in 3rd year, so not taking CS208 will significantly reduce your Computer Science options in later years.

3rd Year Choices

In third year you have the choice between CS310 Foundations of Artificial IntelligenceCS311 Programming Language Definition and ImplementationEE312 Instrumentation and MicrocontrollersEE313 Engineering Analysis, or EE315 Analogue and Digital System Design.  You will also choose a 20 credit credit elective class, which can be one of the above or a class offered as an elective in another department.

  • EE312 is useful but not required for EE579 Advanced Microcontroller Applications.
  • EE315 is useful but not required for EE468 Analogue Systems and EE469 DSP Principles.

4th Year Choices

In fourth year you have a lot of choices; you choose four from the following:

If the course director approves, it may be possible to replace one of these with another 20 credit course offered by the CIS or EEE departments.

  • EE469 is a prerequisite for EE578 Advanced DSPEE580 DSP and FPGA-based Embedded Systems Design(*)EE581 Image and Video Processing.
    (*) CES students who have already completed both EE315 and EE579 may be allowed to take EE580 without EE469, if the course director approves.
  • EE472 is useful but not required for EE582 Control Techniques.

5th Year Choices

You have many options for fifth year but, for obvious reasons, there are no classes with a fifth year module as a prerequisite.