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"Object Oriented Framework design in JavaScript: A Pattern Oriented Approach." M. Sinha. M. Wood. Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde. 2017. Download PDF (BibTeX) ACS

Design Patterns are essentially a structured approach to Object Oriented Programming. They are the body of knowledge acquired from decades of collective experience of the programming community detailing a "general reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems" in object oriented application design. Patterns are not an exact solution, they must be adapted to the design problems they intend to solve.

Patterns are intended to be language agnostic, but are almost always described and discussed in terms of statically typed languages and languages that support object oriented programming constructs. This dissertation will explore the application of object oriented design patterns and practices to web technologies, by prototyping a "Single Page Application" framework in JavaScript, a loosely typed, event driven programming language.