CS552 – Industrial Placement 2

Credits 20
Level 5
Semester 3
Prerequisites N/A
Availability Not offered as an elective
Contact N/A
Resit N/A
Lecturer Dr Robert Atkey

Class Assessment

100% by presentation. The placement is assessed on the basis of a short presentation made to staff and fellow students at the start of the year. The presentation will be marked by two assessors from the Department, according to the criteria outlined below.

Students are required to email a copy of their presentation to the lecturer in charge of this class before 5pm on the first Tuesday of semester 1.

The presentation should last 15 minutes and should describe:

  • the company in which the student has been working
    1. its overall organisation
    2. the nature of its business
    3. where relevant, the way in which the student’s section fits into the overall structure
  • the organisation and responsibilities of the student’s section, including
    1. an overview of its work
    2. how the student’s responsibilities fitted into the team
  • the work or projects with which the student was involved, with particular attention to
    1. technical computing issues
    2. what the student learned about group work and management structures
  • a short summary, including
    1. what the student learned from the placement
    2. where possible, thoughts on how placement ideas might be developed into a fourth year individual or fifth year group project

Some of the work undertaken may be commercially or politically sensitive. The presentation will only be given in the presence of fellow students and members of academic staff (but may also potentially be viewed by the external examiners), but it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they have obtained appropriate clearance for the material used in the presentation. If this should pose particular problems, students should contact the lecturer in charge at the earliest opportunity.

The marking scheme follows the pattern of the four sections and the weightings for the four successive sections are respectively 20, 15, 30 and 15%, all being judged so far as possible against the opportunities available to the student. The final 20% weighting is for presentation.

General Aims

To enable the student to experience the application of aspects of their degree course in an industrial context and the group work which such experience requires.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the class, a student should be able:

  • to build on material acquired in the first three years of the degree course
  • to work in industry as a member of an industrial team
  • to pull together ideas from one or more of the classes they have undertaken
  • to display a disciplined approach to good practices in the general area of the degree course
  • to undertake independent writing and working


The period of industrial placement lasts for approximately three months, from June or early July to late August or September; students are expected during their third year to take an active part, in cooperation with the Year or Placement Coordinators, in securing an appropriate placement. A placement must be satisfactorily completed prior to graduating with the Computer Science MEng degree, but if circumstances require it can be undertaken later in the course than the end of third year.

The nature of the work undertaken will naturally vary substantially; it is expected that the majority of students will (like those on industrial placement for closely related degrees) find placements where they will be working close to the frontiers of what is presently achievable. It is also strongly hoped that students will participate as members of an industrial team, as opposed to working in relative isolation. However, the reports submitted will be judged in terms of what was possible within a particular placement, rather than according to some absolute standard.

Recommended Text/reading