CS980 – Digital Health Implementation

Credits 20
Level 5
Semester 1 & 2
Prerequisites N/A
Availability Possible elective
Contact Online | Blended Lectures / Tutorials: 44 hours
Group Work: 40 | Homework / Private Study: 116
Assessment Semester 1: Mini Quiz (10%); Individual (4000-words) Market Review Report (40%);  Semester 2: Mini Quiz (20%); Group (4000 – 6000 words) Implementation Report (30%)
Resit A 2-hour examination.
Lecturer Dr Lisa McCann

General Aims

This module will provide students with an understanding of the digital health landscape and will draw on a range of case-study examples and technologies relevant to digital health interventions in health and social care contexts. It will highlight barriers and facilitators to digital health implementation and focus on best practice principles and frameworks to guide the development, implementation and evaluation of digital health interventions. Drawing on case study examples and expert insights from the field, the module will highlight digital health innovations in research contexts and real-world delivery models in health, social care and consumer contexts. Case study examples will range from small localised examples to wider scale national level implementation.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module participants will be able to:

  • Understand the evolving digital health landscape;
  • Recognise the breadth of digital health technologies, interventions and innovations that can impact on health and social care delivery;
  • Appreciate the role of implementation frameworks on digital health implementation activities;
  • Understand the scale at which digital health implementation can be achieved, at small and large-scale levels;
  • Appraise, understand and address recurrent barriers and facilitators to digital health implementation;
  • Understand approaches that can be utilised to evaluate digital health interventions and innovations in practice.


A range of topics and themes will be covered throughout the module across Semester 1 and 2 via taught lectures, individual readings, individual and group-based activities, discussions with lecturing staff and peers, module assessments and personal work. Topics and themes covered within the module with case study examples as appropriate include:

  • The digital health landscape;
  • Developing and evaluating digital health interventions;
  • Integration of digital health technologies in health and social care settings and contexts;
  • Readiness for digital health implementation;
  • National and international perspectives/examples of digital health;
  • Principles of implementation and implementation frameworks;
  • Digital health innovation & change management;
  • Telehealth / Telemedicine;
  • Digital health & integrated care;
  • Procuring digital health interventions and innovations.

Recommended Text/Reading

A weekly reading list is provided directly on the module MyPlace pages.