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"Development of a Scalable Online Booking System for SME Car Rental Systems through implementation of the MERN Stack." J. Preston. M. Roper. Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde. 2019. Download PDF (BibTeX) SD

This project seeks to build on the teachings presented during the course lectures throughout the year and bring them together, in a practical example that exercises the principles taught, along with the techniques and technologies presented. It will do this by investigating, designing, building and testing a live web application end-to-end stack using a real world example. This will test not only the theories and techniques presented, but also the practicalities, limitations and challenges of building in the real world. On completion of the project, an analysis of the lifecycle phases, critical decisions and the challenges faced will be presented along with learning’s and future development opportunities that could take the project further.

The example used throughout this project will be to develop a real world, scalable, on-line car booking system web application, which will utilise the full MongoDB, Express.js, React.js & Node.js (MERN) stack. This will not only test the configuration, integration and build of the environment components, but also the practicalities and challenges faced by a developer in building real world applications as will be faced in industry.

This project includes all phases of the application development lifecycle, combining requirements, design, construction and test into an overall systems pack that could, with further development, be deployed in the real world. In parallel an analysis of each phase, highlighting the challenges and learnings is documented and discussed within this document.

Combined with the physical application and associated development environment which created the functional MVP, this document pulls together overall conclusions and discusses future improvements which could form the basis of the next phases of this project.

This operational system along with this document will constitute the totality of the project submission.