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"Digital Collaboration and Educational Resources: National Library of Scotland and Education Sector Case Study." A. Bowie. S. Buchanan. Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde. 2019. Download PDF (BibTeX) ILS

This research is a case study which examined the National Library of Scotland’s Learning Zone, an educational resource aimed at teachers, learners, and parents. The resource is the result of a digital collaborative project between the National Library of Scotland and the education sector to create resources to enhance and support Scottish primary and secondary education. This research sought to investigate how this collaboration functions and if Scottish teachers perceive any value in this resource.

Utilising the concept of a collaboration continuum, derived from the existing body of literature on evaluating collaborations, this research evaluated the collaborative work by the National Library of Scotland to understand if they were truly collaborating within the definitions posed by existing research. Through interviews with NLS staff and Scottish educators, this case study provides insight into the perceptions of value in this collaboration and the role of the National Library of Scotland in supporting education.

This research found that, whilst the specific content held on the Learning Zone received mixed response from educators interviewed, the collaboration itself and the idea behind the resource were perceived as valuable by all involved. Whilst the resource was not consistently linked to Curriculum for Excellence, it was supportive of the learning theories utilised, Social Constructivist Theory and scaffolding, and was perceived as valuable for Scottish education.