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"Addressing Complexity in Enterprise Architecture." L. Konstantinou. S. Buchanan. Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde. 2015. Download PDF (BibTeX)

Information Technology (IT) rapidly becomes a key factor in the competitiveness and sustainability of most enterprises; however, moving away from the support role which previously held, IT architecture inherits the complexity of the business itself. In order to be successful in this new function, IT should be redefined holistically as Enterprise Architecture (EA), aiming to support and simplify every aspect of business functionality.

The aim of this dissertation is to define EA complexity and its root causes and discuss possible methods and techniques of tackling the issue. A number of complexity factors and complexity management suggestions derived from literature are reassessed through involvement in the analysis and design stages of an actual enterprise-level application development.

Findings revealed that a substantial majority of these factors were indeed evident in practice; moreover, a deeper understanding of EA complexity management is developed, as the set of theoretical guidelines is refined in the light of the specific scenario. These guidelines can be roughly categorised in proposed analysis/design techniques (appropriate scoping, partitioning and modelling of the architecture), suggestions related to application of standards and architectural artefact management, as well as recommendations related to stakeholder management and requirements engineering.