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"National Libraries: Past, Present and Future Perspectives." I. D'Angelo. D. M. R. Pennington. Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde. 2015. Download PDF (BibTeX)

National libraries are the most famous libraries in the world. Everyone has heard of the Library of Congress and the British Library. They are cultural institutions, treated almost as monuments, as still and old representatives of their country. This paper will challenge this perspective and explain how and why national libraries came into existence, their primary function of preserving cultural heritage but specifically the challenges they historically have had to face and the new ones they are facing now. Since they are usually dependent upon their government the recent economic crisis has seen a diminishing of funds which could ultimately lead to the end of national libraries. A greater use of technology is the only way option and an expensive endeavour. There will be a short overview of the national libraries of the world and a small study based upon three European national libraries, the Spanish, French and Italian national libraries. Finally we will come to understand that the only way forward is by embracing technology and increased cooperation to achieve new opportunities and reach new goals.