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"User-centred innovation: Service design and Scottish public libraries." S. Flannigan. D. McMenemy. Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde. 2015. Download PDF (BibTeX)

The research contains an exploration of service design, a user-centred approach for delivering services. Used throughout the private sector and increasingly in the public sector, this dissertation aims to determine if service design would be a useful tool for public libraries and what the critical success factors for implementing it in Scottish public libraries are. To investigate this, a literature review was carried out, an interview with a Service Designer conducted, as well as two case studies performed - one with Aarhus Libraries in Denmark, where service design has been used extensively for many years, and one with Glasgow Libraries in Scotland, where a project embracing the principles of service design was piloted. The study found that service design has been demonstrated to be a valuable process, and while outcome evaluation has been limited until recently, where this has been measured has indicated positive results. In order to implement service design in Scottish public libraries there are a number of critical factors, which need to be considered. From the public sector there needs to political and management support for library services, the continued professionalisation of library staff, and for implementing service design. From the service design sector there is a need to define service design consistently to allow developments in the field and understanding for those who are external to it. Finally from libraries there needs to be evolution of the librarian role gaining new skills to engage politically in raising the profile of libraries, and for the user engagement necessary for well delivered service design. This will require investment in training and professional development and amendments to the librarian curriculum to ensure professionals are ready for this role.