CS415 – Industrial Placement

Credits 20
Level 4
Prerequisites N/A
Availability Available only to students in fourth year of the BSc Honours Software Engineering degree
Elective No
Contact Lectures: 0 | Tutorials: 0 | Labs: 0
Assignments: 0 | Self study: 200
Assessment Assessment for the class is based on two components: a written report and a presentation. The report contributes 80% of the marks and the presentation 20% but the final designation of the class is as either Pass (if the total of the two marks is at least 40%) or Fail, which means that the class contributes to your final degree only in terms of credits and does not affect the average of your final year. A pass in this class is required for students to qualify for the honours degree in Software Engineering.

The report (of around 20 pages) produced at the end of the placement which describes the organisation in which the student was working, summarises the various projects in which the student was engaged, and allows the student to reflect on the benefits gained and compare their industrial experience of software development against the theory they have been taught. The report will be marked by two assessors from the Department.

The short presentation made to staff and fellow students at the start of the year. The presentation should describe the organisation in which the student was working, summarise the various projects in which the student was engaged, and reflect on the benefits gained from the experience.

Lecturer Dr Robert Atkey

Aims and Objectives

To enable the student to experience the application of aspects of their degree course in an industrial context and so to understand the complexities of commercial software development.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the class, a student should be able:

  • to build on and consolidate material acquired in the first three years of the degree course
  • to work in industry as a member of an industrial team
  • to undertake independent writing and working
  • to display an appreciation of good practices in software engineering


The period of industrial placement lasts for approximately twelve months; students are expected during their fourth year to take an active part, in cooperation with the placement coordinators, in securing an appropriate placement. If, after displaying due diligence, students are unable to secure any form of suitable external placement then arrangements will be found within the University or, alternatively and probably more likely, transfer to the Honours degree in Computer Science can be arranged.

The nature of the work undertaken will vary substantially; it is expected that the majority of the students (like those on industrial placement for related degrees) will find placements where they will be working close to the frontiers of what is presently achievable. It is also expected that students will participate as members of an industrial team, as opposed to working in relative isolation. However, the reports submitted will be judged in terms of what was possible within a particular placement, rather than according to some absolute standard.

Indicative Reading