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"Walk2Build: A GPS Game for Mobile Exergaming with City Visualization." M. D. Dunlop, I. Hamilton, G. Imperatore, D. Rowe, and A. Hewitt. MobileHCI 2012 Extended Abstracts. 2012. Download PDF Visit website (BibTeX)

In recent years public health has become of great concern, especially in terms of adding to the national economic burden. Many public health problems can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyles are particularly serious for young people who are badly affected by obesity problems that impact on their current and future lives. In an effort to tackle this problem games designers are designing games aimed at motivating people to take part in physical activities and have coined the term exergaming.
This poster presents a mobile exergaming application developed in Android Java and HTML 5 targeting under-active teenagers and young adults. The objective is to encourage users to increase walking by an incremental number of steps each week. This is visualized as an isometric virtual town on a web browser (with rewards for achieving targets) and published on Facebook to exploit social networking in supporting users. This poster will examine the theory behind our game idea and design decisions, the development and concludes with our future development and evaluation plans.