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"Issues in Cybercrime, Security and Digital Forensics." Edited by G. R. S. Weir and A. Al-Nemrat. University of Strathclyde Publishing. 2012. Visit website (BibTeX)

The threat of cybercrime is increasingly
apparent to individuals and organisations
across the globe. From phishing to hacking,
scamming to grooming, and botnets to
cyber-terrorism, the variety and ingenuity of
exploits appear to expand constantly. In this
context, computer security addresses system
vulnerabilities and the preventative measures
that may counter cybercrime, including steps
to repair system weaknesses and prevent
repeat occurrence.
In partnership with computer security,
cyberforensics investigates digital devices
and tackles the detection of computer-based
exploits and offences, with a view to securing
evidence and proof that illegal activity has
taken place. A variety of contemporary
perspectives on such issues are presented
in this book which brings together papers
presented at the 2nd International Conference
on Cybercrime, Security and Digital Forensics,
held at the University of East London.