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"OpenAdaptxt: An Open Source Enabling Technology for High Quality Text Entry." M. D. Dunlop, S. Montaparti, P. Dona, N. Durga, and R. De Meo. CHI 2012 Workshop on Designing and Evaluating Text Entry Methods. 2012. Download PDF Visit website (BibTeX)

Modern text entry systems, especially for touch screen
phones and novel devices, rely on complex underlying
technologies such as error correction and word
suggestion. Furthermore, for global deployment a vast
number of languages have to be supported. Together
this has raised the entry bar for new text entry
techniques, which makes developing and testing a
longer process thus stifling innovation. For example,
testing a new feedback mechanism in comparison to a
stock keyboard now requires the researchers to support
at least slip correction and probably word suggestion.
This paper introduces OpenAdaptxt: an open source
community driven text input platform to enable
development of higher quality text input solutions. It is
the first commercial-grade open source enabling
technology for modern text entry that supports both
multiple platforms and dictionary support for over 50
spoken languages